EXPOSED! Exactly how new coaches & service providers bring in $9,000+ per month



EXPOSED! Exactly how new coaches & service providers bring in $9,000+ per month


This unique solution has helped ambitious coaches & freelancers to:

💎 Successfully launch their dream high-ticket offers

💎 Double their income

💎 Decrease workload by 50%

💎 Build their communities

💎 Grow their followings

💎 Get rabid support

💎 Stop lingering procrastination, people-pleasing, and pattern-repeating

💎 Feel clear, confident, and unstoppable

This unique solution has helped ambitious coaches & freelancers to:

💎 Successfully launch their dream high-ticket offers

💎 Double their income

💎 Decrease workload by 50%

💎 Build their communities

💎 Grow their followings

💎 Get rabid support

💎 Stop lingering procrastination, people-pleasing, and pattern-repeating

💎 Feel clear, confident, and unstoppable

Your Steadfast Instructor:

Laura Catella is an eight-figure copywriter, million-dollar business owner, and transformational mindset coach for ambitious service-based entrepreneurs like coaches, freelancers, and consultants. She is the founder of Diamond Day Mastermind, a community for action-taking business owners who combine strategy with mindset to explode their businesses with more ease than ever before.

Real Transformations That Happened FAST:

Connor nearly tripled his retainers… and his clients happily paid his new rates.

Lana unleashed her boldness and immediately doubled her monthly income.

Courtney landed a $12k client with ease.

Carolyn closed her first $10k deal and has made 5-figures a month ever since.

Michele landed a $25k gig and a $10k client in the same week – all within TWO DAYS of overcoming her imposter syndrome.

Johanna went from THIS:

  • $800 in the bank
  • Overworked and underpaid
  • All work and no play
  • Full of self-doubt…

To this:

  • Quadrupled her monthly income and kept it steady

  • Increased her savings account by over 3000% (that’s not a typo – as I write this letter, Johanna has $25,000 in her bank account AFTER moving across the country, buying a new home, and hiring stellar child care for her two kids)

  • Spoke on 3 prestigious stages in her industry

  • Promoted to a leadership role on her client’s team

  • Reduced her work hours

  • Launched her own consulting business with a partner

She now has time AND money to hire help and outsource tasks…

Go on dates with her husband…

Enjoy fun nights out with her friends…

And travel all over the country.

Would you believe Johanna did all this in just 9 months?

Where YOU could be 9 months from now if you achieved even half of what Johanna did?

9 months is not that far away... and 9 months will pass no matter WHAT... so you better make it worth it.

Are you ready to attract & close premium clients?

Most people teach client generation all wrong.

So if you're spinning your wheels...


All to get the occassional lead who is price shopping...

You've got to wonder if there is a better way.

There IS.

In fact, there are 10 better ways.

And none of them require you to:

X cold-message hundreds of people

X books dozens of free "strategy calls"

X or make thousands of social media posts...

The beauty of these 10 Ways is that you'll quickly get clear on which method makes the most sense for YOU.

Instead of you trying to fit someone else's box.

You'll also be hand-held through the process of implementing these tactics...

So that you're not left with a bunch of "theory" and no practice.

You'll also discover how to magnetically attract PREMIUM clients.

Imagine how good it'll feel when you stop hearing "I have to think about it..." or "I'll reach out when its a better time."

You'll discover how to get clients who are ready to invest and PAY IN FULL.

Those clients are out there, right now...

But they're considering working with someone else instead of you.

You're about to tap into the guaranteed way to fix this.

And get those clients to 1. know you exist and 2. choose you over your competition, even if you charge more.

Which is exactly what we’ll do... right beyond this screen...

Where you'll get the exact action steps to take...

So that no matter what, you WILL advance, step up, and get closer to what you really want in your business and life...

As soon as you get beyond this screen and use the solution that's right on the other side.

Here’s what’s inside your...

🔥 10 Ways To Get Premium Clients 🔥

Note: Each strategy stacks on the previous so that your ability to get premium clients becomes unstoppable

You'll never have to "fake it until you make it"

Nor will you have to undercut your competition.

When you tap into these 10 strategies you'll be able to stand out in a league of your own.

These have been proven and are guaranteed to work for you.

They are game-changing for service providers like: coaches, freelancers, consultants, and strategists.

No matter what service you provide.

They've worked for copywriters, mindset coaches, voice over actors, hypnotists, and more.

If you have a service to offer...

...and you're ready to cash-in-hand clients ready to say YES to you...

Then you need to do yourself, and them, a favor by tapping into this guaranteed solution right now.

Here's how it's going to work & what you're going to discover:

  • Why you're currently getting lower-paying clients or freebie seekers
  • The inbound method that will eradicate the need for you to cold prospect ever again
  • How to make four and five figure packages feel like a "no brainer" investment to your clients
  • The secret to fluidly closing large packages ($1,000 - $35,000) with complete confidence
  • The 3-step way to become a respected leader in your field starting TODAY
  • How to do all of this even if you have no audience at all, without spending a single penny on ads
  • The process for attracting clients YOUR WAY. If you hate being on camera, you never have to be. If you hate phone calls, you don't need to have them. This is part of the magic. Other methods have failed you because you've been trying to fit someone else's box. You need a consistent system that works for YOU; and that's exactly what you're going to get.
  • "Why would they choose me over so-and-so?" Does your imposter syndrome kick in when you compare yourself to others who offer similar services to you? Using #5 on the list, you’ll reframe “comparitis” to kick imposter syndrome to the curb

In conclusion... if you want to get premium clients for your services, you must get your hands on this right now.

You Gotta Invest:

Until now, this information was shared only with private coaching clients who invest a minimum of $1500/month to work with me.

Their continued success inspires me to package up the actionable methodology and make it available to you.

And while my own mentors encourage me to stick only with premium, 4-figure pricing...

Or at the very least charge $297 for this unique, proven solution...

I want to help unleash more people like you.

So that you can see that you don't need to post 724538975 reels a month to get a client...

You don't need dozens of free strategy calls...

You only need to implement what you're about to get your hands on, right beyond this screen.

That's why for you on this page right now, it’s a $97 investment to access all of the materials inside 10 Ways To Get Premium Clients.

Investing in yourself will make you become a more premium solution, by the way.

Because when you put a dollar down on your ambitions, you're reaffirming that you're stepping up, and that you're a badass...

And when you're comfortable investing in yourself, others will become comfortable investing in you, too.

It would be hypocritical if you wanted people to invest in you, but you were unwilling to invest in yourself.

So it's a critical step in the process.


I’m an accomplished No Limit Texas Hold’em player.

From Atlantic City, to Vegas, to south Florida...

I’m no stranger to a casino.

I’ve put $100 down on black and lost...

Errrr.... More than once...

What silly things have YOU spent your money on?

Instead of a silly thing... if you really want to be further ahead in your business and life, you're about to make a small but life-changing investment.

Even if you won that $100 gamble and doubled your money, investing in THIS solution will yield you a larger ROI.

Saying YES and investing in yourself equals you stepping up and saying “I am worthy; I am ready.”


Investing right now will increase the likelihood you to PAY ATTENTION to the life-changing information you’re about to access.

In other words...

This offering is fully and genuinely designed to benefit YOU.

And, yes, I know what you’re thinking…

Of course! It's designed to benefit me too.

You ever notice how a lot of marketers try to avoid saying that part? Lol.

Obviously, you are trusting your investment to me, and that benefits me.

Which is one of the reasons why I take the choice you're about to make WILDLY seriously.

Your shifts, expansion, satisfaction, and results, are my life blood.

As you'll see, 10 Ways is designed to introduce you to me and the way that I teach.

It is so jam-packed with value my hope is you want to learn even MORE from me.

OR that it changes your life so deeply that you don’t need to get another training for years to come.

Either way is absolutely groovy to me.

I Guarantee You:

What you’re about to access has been proven to create massive, life-changing shifts for those who’ve applied it...

And I guarantee it can do the same for you.

But if you don’t jive with the material for any reason...

Hell.. if even the mere tone of my voice in the 1 hour+ training is hard for you to listen to...

(No one has ever said this, but hey, maybe you have sensitive ears...)

Then I DEMAND you send an e-mail to our team at support@diamonddaymastermind.com...

And you will receive a rapid no-questions asked refund of your investment.

Money moves as an exchange of value.

If you don’t get feel like you've gotten value in excess of your investment, I DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY.

Maybe you’ve read that on sales pages before, but if you've ever had a sub-satisfactory experience and requested a refund, it ended up being a hassle.

Which just happened to me, actually, with a personal development program I purchased.

I invested $497 for a personal development program of my own, because I too am always looking to grow and learn...

I accidentally bought the program twice.

It’s been over a week and I still haven’t received a response from them to fix the double-buy error.

That pisses me off and leaves a bad taste in my mouth with the company as a whole.

I will never, ever, do anything like that to you, someone who puts their trust in me.

Your trust is paramount, and I live, eat, breathe, and (happily) lose sleep while obsessing over the quality of your experience.

Welcome to the empowered way of doing business with me.

Here’s Your Call To Action:

Whitney is a client of mine...

She struggled with giving up the security of her 9-5 and going all in on providing services to clients.

She discovered exactly what you’re about to tap into...

And she quickly surpassed her 9-5 income and was able to quit her job.

Imagine feeling so good...

Accomplishing what you’ve been wanting to for a long time...

Getting the clarity, direction, and premium-client flow that you’ve needed...

In just one measly, little, hour of powerful training.

And guess what?

When Whitney told me about her success...

I did a lap around my house in my underwear.

I could not sleep.

I was so thrilled for her.

Can you, for the love of God, let me do a lap in my underwear for YOU too?

Say YES to yourself...

YES to your curiosity if 10 Ways is really as powerful as it looks...

YES to wanting more, to advance...

And investing in yourself to do so.

Click the button right here because you’re saying YES.


But... if You Say “No...” 😕

That would stink.

I would miss you.

I’d be sad that I didn’t get the chance to help unleash you and advance you closer attaining the success, respect, recognition, status, and income that you want in your business.

You’d likely continue with the same patterns you currently fall into.

Patterns like…

Overpromising yourself that things will change...

But underdelivering on what YOU must do in order to change.

Goals don’t get met.

You don't earn the income that's right in your grasp.

People don’t support you with deep fervor.

It keeps feeling lonely.

You keep grinding and convincing yourself "that's just the way it is."

You keep hoping another magic bullet will improve your business, your revenue, your status.

At best, you continue to keep doing “okay.”

Getting by, but being so busy.

Getting by, but feeling like something is missing.

Not meeting your full potential.

And hey, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

At least you’d be getting by.

But if you feel like you're ready for more...

To experience more greatness for yourself and your ambitions...

Why would you convince yourself to miss out on that?

When SO much can shift for you with just one hour of your time, and a small investment in yourself...

A risk-free investment, by the way.

Because the risk is NOT investing in this solution...

The risk is missing it.

And sticking with any lingering lower-level patterns...

Convincing yourself you don’t need the BOOST of actionable jet-fuel that’s behind this little ol’ screen.

Don’t make the mistake of convincing yourself of that.

Instead, you’re encouraged, by me and yourself, to satisfy your curiosity and join me inside.

Do so by clicking the button below:

Back to the exponentially more fun, beneficial, & exciting option of saying YES to your ambition

Picture yourself 30 days from now...

High-level, ready-to-invest clients are inquiring about your services every day...

And you're able to fluidly close & onboard them with ease and joy.

You can see with full clarity your path to even greater accomplishments...

You know exactly what to do and how to do it.

With zero fear of rejection, failure, crickets, or the unknown.

You are moving confidently and boldly...

Executing and reaping the results...

Advancing and loving what you're building...

All because you said HELL YES right now and dove into what's waiting for you right beyond this screen.

Does any of that sound lofty? Maybe it will to some people...

But I know, with certainty, what is possible for you once you tap into this...

And it far exceeds the proven, repeatable outcomes you just envisioned for yourself.

So click the button below and discover the 10 Ways To Get Premium Clients and feel authentic, unshakable confidence right now.

Your unleashed self can't wait to meet you.

And neither can I.

Click the button below with excitement and peace of mind...

Because you're in for something truly amazing.

See you there.

<3 LC

PS: You're probably curious how powerful you could become and how much easier it can truly be for you to get premium, ready-to-invest clients. The unique solution available on this page will show you EXACTLY how to do that in just one hour's time. It can truly change your business and life for the better.

PPS: Other action-taking, ambitious service-based entrepreneurs have used this exact solution to catapult their businesses with more ease, speed, and fluidity than ever. My unique process has been featured in Forbes, LA Weekly, Generation Wealth, and more, and it is backed by psychology and science. That's part of why you'll tap into it risk-free and guaranteed, because I'm certain of its efficacy, and that it will unleash you.

Tap, or click, the orange button 3 paragraphs up there 👆, and start your quantum level up right now. 🙂

<3, again, and always,


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